A very common issue experienced by people of almost all age groups these days is HAIR FALL. How to prevent hair fall and promote hair growth is truly an enigma. Some of the reasons for hair fall are dandruff, dry scalp, deficiency of vitamins, medical illnesses and disorders, stress, or infection with COVID-19. Using the wrong hair products or chemically harmful hair products can also lead to hair fall. If you are battling hair fall, switching to onion hair products like onion oil, onion shampoo, and onion conditioner could be the ultimate solution for controlling your hair fall and promoting hair growth. How to prevent hair fall and how onion shampoo helps hair growth is truly an enigma.

The research study says that the minerals found in onions helped in hair regrowth in more than 80 people out of 100. Onions are packed with nutrients and are rich in fiber, minerals, sulphur, and vitamins like A, C, E, and B-complex. They are antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic in nature. Onion juice is widely recommended for hair growth. Trycone’s Onion shampoo is crafted especially to promote hair growth. Onion hair growth shampoo prevents baldness, split ends and dandruff, and promotes hair growth. Red onion shampoo helps in the generation of healthy skin cells which results in thick hair strands, and thus adds bounce and volume of hair.

How onion shampoo helps hair growth?how onion shampoo helps hair growth, Onion Hair Growth Shampoo, Red onion shampoo

1. Onion shampoo restores hair nutrients:

Red onions contain high amounts of sulfur. This sulphur is especially necessary for the production of enzymes and proteins. Sulfur in red onion shampoo works wonders for hair follicle nourishment and promotes hair regrowth. It may fasten the process of hair growth too.

2. Onion shampoo removes infections of the scalp:

Scalp infections are one of the most significant causes of hair loss. If you want stronger hair, your scalp needs to be healthy. Onion shampoo has antibacterial properties which help fight scalp infections.

3. Onion shampoo stops premature greying: 

Onion hair growth shampoo has natural potent antioxidants, and thus it reverses the effects of premature greying. The antioxidants in onion shampoo protect your hair and scalp from free-radical build-ups. Free radicals speed up the ageing process and can destroy the hair follicles resulting in hair loss.

how onion shampoo helps hair growth, red onion shampoo, onion hair shampoo

4. Onion shampoo prevents dandruff: 

The best onion shampoo for hair growth has antibacterial and antiseptic properties that nourish the scalp and hair. Some of the reasons that cause dandruff are not maintaining scalp hygiene, not shampooing enough, or hormonal issues. Red onion shampoo helps in treating dandruff and prevents many other infections of the scalp. It helps heal irritated scalp conditions too. 

5. Onion shampoo makes it difficult for lice to survive: 

Red onion shampoo creates a hostile environment for bacteria as red onion is antibacterial and antiseptic in nature. Onion shampoo is the best remedy for lice, and it also prevents their future infestation. It makes your hair uninhabitable for lice.

6. Onion shampoo prevents hair fall and promotes hair growth: 

Onion shampoo is rich in sulfur and thus it minimizes the breakage of hair. It cures many other hair conditions that cause hair to fall out. The antioxidants in onion hair shampoo boost enzymes that work towards preventing hair fall. Onion juice in onion shampoo improves blood circulation and regenerates hair follicles which results in promoting stronger and thicker hair growth. Trycone’s onion shampoo gives a natural bounce to your hair.

7. Onion shampoo hydrates your scalp and brings shine to your hair:

Onion juice has properties that help it to stimulate and penetrate the scalp. It nourishes and moisturizes your scalp. Onion shampoo will give you the benefits of a hair mask and a healthy shine of a natural conditioner when used at regular intervals. It improves your hair and treats frizz.

how onion shampoo helps hair growth, red onion shampoo, onion hair shampoo

8. Onion shampoo strengthens the hair: 

Onion shampoo nourishes your hair. Things like chemically harmful hair products, dirt, and pollution worsen the texture of your hair. Onion shampoo helps hair growth and strengthens the hair from roots to its tips.    

Trycone’s onion shampoo is made with a blend of red onion extract, argan oil, castor oil, almond oil, curry leaf extract, aloe vera extract, amla extract, Brahmi Extract, bhringraj extract, hibiscus extract, methi extract, ginger extract, and reetha extract. This onion shampoo is SLS and PARABEN FREE.

How to use Onion shampoo for hair growth:

Wash your hair a minimum of twice a week and a maximum of thrice a week. Your hair produces excess oil when it gets dirty. Thus, how many times you should wash your hair should depend on how dirty your hair gets. Also, never wash your hair with hot water and dry your hair with a microfiber towel. Use onion shampoo at regular intervals for great results.

Wet your hair completely with lukewarm or cold water. Squirt the shampoo in a small amount on your hand and apply it to your scalp. Massage the onion shampoo on your hair and scalp and let it lather up. Let the shampoo be there for two to three minutes and then rinse it thoroughly.

Be consistent with your hair cleansing and stick to a hair care routine. If you really want to improve your hair and get those luscious locks, you should focus on nourishing and taking proper care of your hair. The ways how onion shampoo helps hair growth are never-ending. This onion shampoo treatment may take a few months but the results will be noticeable.

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